transmediale Camp

Exhibition design and architecture for the transmediale.09 DEEP NORTH, Berlin, 2009

The theme of the Transmediale 2009 – titled Deep North – were our culture’s dealings with climate change. Point of departure for us was not the geographical situatedness hinted at in the title, to represent it aesthetically, yet to pick up on the questions and repercussions that form around the discourse of climate change.

Not only the polar ice caps are melting and the sea level rising, the desert areas are continuously growing, expanding. Natural disasters, climate wars and emigrational movements are notably rising. That’s why we have built a symbolic Emergency Camp – Camp DEEP NORTH – for the digital nomads of the contemporary, the cultural agents of the globalisation, the visitors and participants of the transmediale.09 at the House of the World Cultures.

The camp is structured in 3 elements:

Exhibition Hall A spontaneous tent settlement from found objects thematizing the climate change generating consumer- and industrial society – a resource friendly collage of garbage, special offers, faulty items and overproduction: Used tarpaulin, wood, corrugated iron sheets and acrylic sheets. The pre-existent structure of the space is occupied by the artists and used to display their work.

Foyer The existing column structure of the House of the World Cultures is turned into a tent landscape with the means of tarpaulin and tethers. In an additive process new spaces emerge with varying density and movable elements, like ice floes or an icebreaker. All functional elements like the media station, library and seating area are re-used from previous exhibitions.

Roof Terrace On the roof terrace even more standardised tents are installed as temporary shelters, inspired by the architecture of actual refugee camps. In the event of a devastating flood the House of the World Cultures could thus be turned into a shelter, a modern Ark.


Duration: January 28 - February 1, 2009, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin
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