RLF (Movie)

TV documentary, ZDF/ARTE, 2014


Press statement / ARTE:

Supposedly there is no right life in the wrong one. This also felt the protest movements in the West, like Attac, Femen or Occupy, when their protest was adapted by capitalist businesses and made into advertisements. Not only jeans are able to be sold with models aesthetically mirroring protest situations. Every stone that is thrown towards the capitalist systems comes back to the protesters as accelerated boomerang.

The art-protest movement RLF from Berlin, now aims to defeat capitalism with its own tools. A Professor of Design, an artist and a political activist together take to the streets and cooperate simultaneously with established fashion labels.

RLF is looking for “the right life in the wrong one”, twisting the rules of the game, directly selling the notion of protest to capitalism. Whoever purchases art and design objects for a lot of money is investing in the revolutionary movement.

The filmmaker Alexander Dluzak accompanied the art-protest movement RLF since the May Day Demonstration 2013 in Berlin. Heads of the movement are Professor for Design Friedrich von Borries, the artist Mikael Mikael and the professional political activist Slavia. Different to Occupy and other capitalism critical organisations, RLF positions itself not detached from the system, yet consciously instrumentalizes its mechanisms with the aim, so its founders, “defeat capitalism with its own tools”.

ARTE accompanies the activities of RLF in this documentary, following the movement to their meetings, collaborations with established labels, protest rallies, exhibitions and the necessarily arising conflicts. At the end the young movement has to stand a crucial test: Can one defeat capitalism with its own tools? Is a “right life in the wrong one” actually possible?

On Air: Monday, February 10, 2014, 11:10 pm (52 min), ARTE