Preplanning Rays and Spokes

Urban Development Concept for Frankfurt am Main, 2011

On commission by the Frankfurt Environment Agency, a spokes-plan was generated, on the occasion of the twentieth jubilee of the GreenBelt (November 16th, 2011), and presented to the public at the Römer square to demonstrate the continues development of the GreenBelt and its connexion outwards to the region and inwards to the city.

In the European city urbanisation today means urban development has to be thought from the green spaces. Because not the built volumes, but the Green dictates the quality of living in the city. Urban development in the times of climate and demographic change therefore demands walkability, reduction of automobile related traffic and the development of climatically and psychologically “cooling” green spaces.

Regarding the relevance of climate change and new lifestyles, the quality of a city is increasingly defined by the quality of its open spaces. The GreenBelt can potentially act as a point of departure for the future development of the Frankfurt cityscape, which should react to climate change, understanding existing and future open spaces as crucial ressources. Rays outwards – Spokes inwards.