Fanshop of Globalisation

Exhibition Catalogue, 2006

Friedrich von Borries, Matthias Böttger
German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), Bonn, 2006
graphic design: onlab, Berlin
112 pages, softcover, 21 x 13,5 cm
ISBN: 3-89331-684-1 / German
Status: out of print


On the occasion of the football World Cup, the Fanshop of Globalisation exhibition used examples from the world of football to discuss the economic mechanisms, political backdrops and cultural contexts of global economic change. The exhibition topics were (A) Creation of Value, (B) Migration, (C) Cultural Identity, (D) Social Segregation and (E) Interdependence. From May to June 2006, the Fanshop went on tour through Germany, and was visited by several thousand people in Dortmund, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig, Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin.

The catalogue contains featuring textual contributions on the topics of globalisation, football and aesthetic intervention, as well as all exhibition texts, jersey photos, mappings and photos of the cargo container on its tour through the World Cup tournament cities.

Besides the catalogue there was an accompanying card game released.


Scapegoat of Globalisation

Card game to the »Fanshop of Globalisation«, 2006

Fanshop of Globalisation

Travelling Exhibition, Catalogue and Card Game, Various locations in Germany and Austria, 2006-2008