On Display 06: Transience

On Display – The design magazine accompanying the ​​Design Display exhibition series
Authors: Friedrich von Borries, Belinda Grace Gardner and Sebastian Hackenschmidt
Art Direction: onlab, Berlin
Photographers: Iris Duvekot, Frank Hülsbömer


Time and again, transience is an issue in design. Longevity is seen as a sign of good design⎯all the more so today, when we’re particularly conscious of the issue of sustainability. At the same time, our economy’s preoccupation with growth demands transience to keep on selling new products. Design Display introduces two projects in which designers deliberately engage with the “transience” of their products, thus shedding light on two different approaches to design. 


Does Beauty Need Transience?

Designer Maarten Baas aims to lessen our uneasiness about transience by adding an aesthetic dimension to aging processes. Transience stops being a problem and gains value, becoming something to consciously appreciate.


Does Transience Accelerate Growth? 

Dave Hakkens considers design a tool that can solve problems. He wants to increase the lifespan of consumer goods to avoid producing waste. He suggests designing electronic devices as modular systems, in which worn-out parts can easily be replaced.