Climate Capsule Lounge

Contribution to the Festival »Odyssee : Climate«, City Theatre Bremerhaven, 2013

The Climate Capsule Lounge is based on the book Climate Capsules: Means of Surviving Desaster. In a science fiction narrative, historial and contemporary climate related models, strategies, experiments and utopian visions from design, art, fashion, science, architecture and urban planning are presented. With their input, a scenario for life after the climate catastrophe is imagined. In nine scenes, the book is telling the story of different characters, trying to survive in the "climate capsule world" after the climate catastrophe, presenting their very own localization and role in this futuristic vision. The book has been adapted as an audio version for the festival and for the first time been presented as a multimedia installation in a variation of climate capsules.


Duration: June 7-9 and June 14-16, 2013, Climate Tent City in front of the City Theatre Bremerhaven, Germany