Because Design Changes The World...

Texts on Design, 2013

Friedrich von Borries, Jesko Fezer (Eds.)
Gestalten, Berlin, 2013
256 pages, hardcover, 21,5 x 15 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-475-5 / German


Design is a fixed component of the modern world. Life- and Communication-media, Spaces, Furniture, Clothes … Although pretty much anything that we come across in our daily lives is designed, theoretical discussions of the topic on design are rare in German-speaking world. Yet the topic not only gains in contemporaneity, it also gains meaning, responsibility and complexity. While design once upon a time mainly had to function, it is meant today, to inspire, define, mediate, differentiate and improve.

»Weil Design die Welt verändert ...« (Because Design Changes the World…) collects interesting contributions of interdisciplinary projects and texts, intending to open up the design-specific discourse in the German-speaking world and making it comprehensible.

The contributions selected by the editors Friedrich von Borries and Jesko Fezer include designers Enzo Mari, Roberto Feo and Peter Raacke, contemporary artists like Anselm Reyle and Ion Sørvin. Additionally, the historical positions of Joseph Beuys, Max Bill and Dieter Rams are put in context and reflected anew regarding actual debates.