Urban Interventions Hamburg


Friedrich von Borries, Christian Hiller, Friederike Wegner, Anna-Lena Wenzel (Eds.)
Merve Verlag, Berlin, 2014
IMD 390
248 pages, paperback, 17 x 12 cm
ISBN: 978-3-88396-332-7 / German


In Hamburg, long-term invested growth strategies encounter a traditionally rich culture of protest. In this area of tension a myriad of forms of urban interventions come to the fore, thought of as artistic experiment, form of protest or marketing tool, which either operate with each other or are characterised by a dynamic interrelationship.

The publication »Urban Interventions Hamburg« excavates these areas of tension and unfolds their varying aims, methods and efficacy within artistic, discursive, activist or urban planning interventions by researching representative case studies within the city of Hamburg.

This volume follows the »Glossary of Interventions« (Merve, Berlin 2012) and continues the research into the efficacy of artistic interventions, if the self-proclaimed demand can be fulfilled. Both volumes are published within the DFG (German Research Foundation) funded research project Urban Interventions at the HFBK Hamburg, which investigates artistic, architectonic, performative and activist interventions in urban spaces comparatively.

The academic researchers of the project make up an interdisciplinary group, coming from areas such as Fine Arts, Architecture, Philosophy, Media-, Art- and Cultural Studies, additionally representing experience in artistic, political and curatorial practice.



Propädeutik der Intervention, 2018

Glossar der Interventionen

Annäherungen an einen überverwendeten, aber unterbestimmten Begriff, 2012